How to Boost <br>Your Sales

TeeBlaster™ is the most powerful sales booster and fundraising tool on the planet. TeeBlasts™ are timed/limited campaign styled sales intended to generate tons of social buzz and spike sales by creating an urgency to buy. We've seen brands, bands, organizations, social influencers, individuals, and artists do absolutely insane things using the tool. The ways it can be used are infinite! Let's jump in, talk about how it works, and get your hampster wheels spinning with ways you can use it to put a few dings in the universe.

To launch your first TeeBlast™, head straight over to My Library. From your library you'll see all of the items currently available in your StoreFrontier storefront. When your item is live as an always available StoreFrontier™ item you'll see the StoreFrontier atom glowing. To turn that item on as limited edition/timed TeeBlast, simply click on the TeeBlaster Rocket and you'll then run through the quick and easy process of setting your launch timer. You'll decide when you want your campaign to start and end. 
*PRO-TIP: We've found the sweet spot for length of a sale to be 1-2 weeks. That gives you enough time to market effectively via social networks, email, and word of mouth. 

TeeBlaster lets you earn more by ganging up sales. Once your TeeBlast starts, orders start flooding into the system; We hold those orders until the campaign timer ends and then we produce and fulfill all of the orders in a single wave. After the TeeBlast ends, we print, process orders, pack and ship orders directly to customers within 2 weeks. When we produce and fulfill in bulk, costs come down and we pass along all of that savings directly to you in the form of extra profit. You earn more when your sales hit tiers of 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 1000+, etc.  BRILLIANT WAYS YOU CAN USE TEEBLASTER:

  • LIMITED EDITION ITEMS: Create tons of social buzz and a buying frenzy when you create a one-off limited edition item that only available for a limited time.
  • PRE-SALE ITEMS: Use a TeeBlast to intorduce a brand new item in your store. Mark the price down for a limited time and reward early birds.
  • DESIGN PHASE OUTS: Maybe it's time to freshen your store and add some new items. A TeeBlast is a great way to phase out a product and create one last sales burst.
  • RUNNING A LIMITED-TIME SALE: You're in complete control over your prices and how much you make. TeeBlasts are an incredible way to temporarily mark your items down for a limited time.

Brands, bands, organizations, churches, schools, social influencers, individuals, and artists are using TeeBlaster to do absolutely incredible things. Maybe you're a brand and want fund an initiative or want to support a cause or charity, maybe you're a band and you want to raise money for a new recording project or to replace that old tour van, maybe you're an organizartion and need to raise funds for supplies, maybe you're church youth group is rasing funds for a camp or retreat, maybe you're just a person with a big heart and want to do something incredible for a friend or person in your community that needs help. When we developed TeeBlaster, we knew that it had to the power to change lives, do amazing things, and that with this ability we would help put some dings in the universe and make a lasting impact on society!

TeeBlaster and StoreFrontier™ are the great works of our lives and we are amazed and astounded each and every day to see the way people use the platform to do incredible good in the world. TeeBlaster and StoreFrontier give everyone the ability to create and sell retail-quality merch with no upfront costs... people have raised incredible ammounts of money, started new businesses, and found new ways to monetize their social audiences. Over our 10+ years working with brands and individuals we've seen the incredible power of something as simple as a tee shirt. When someone wears a tee shirt, that shirt defines them and says "what" or "who" they are all about! A person wearing a shirt becomes a walking billboard subtly saying, or in some cases screaming loudly who they are; what they care about, what they love, and that something matters to them! Unlike other popular crowd-funding and donation platforms, launching a TeeBlast gives supporters a way to both contribute financially to a cause in-the-now and gives them a tangible item they can wear proudly to show their support. 

No matter who you are, launching a TeeBlast has the power to do something truly incredible! We love talking about TeeBlaster and all of the amazing ways we've seen people use the tool. We're eager to learn more about what you've got going on and identifying the perfect way to use our tools to make a difference, spike sales, and put a few dings in the universe along the way. Launch a TeeBlast right now, and pop us a message with your ideas and we'll work with you to do something amazing.

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